Digital Marketing Strategy

Whalen Custom Homes has been building custom homes in the St. Louis area since 1999. Since then, Whalen has expanded their services and now offers not only custom home building but also home additions & remodeling, deck, patio, & outdoor living projects, construction management, energy audits, and much more. With the expansion of their services, a new search engine-friendly website was designed to captivate and engage their visitors while also providing a portfolio of their custom-built homes.

The home building industry tends to be quite conventional in its marketing and relies strongly on reputation. In St.Louis, most home builders do not have strong digital brand experiences and their websites tend to be simple brochures rather than tools of engagement. So it was refreshing to help Whalen Custom Homes redesign their site and put together an online strategy that would be at the forefront of its entire marketing plan. After a few consultations with the owner of Whalen Custom Homes about their target markets, value proposition, and positioning it was revealed that an online strategy with a judicious integration of search engine marketing and social media marketing would be the most effective way to differentiate them from competitors, engage their audience, and help spread the awareness of the brand further. Ultimately, Whalen Custom Homes wanted to have the best website and most progressive online marketing strategy amongst home builders in St. Louis and were willing to invest the effort.

We started by creating an attractive, responsive website that could support a robust blogging feature and host deep and wide page content to satisfy customer interest at all points of a homeowner’s buyer journey. The new website put Whalen Custom Homes’ attractive home-building projects front and center with high-definition photos that load quickly and are organized into easy-to-navigate galleries.

From there, it was time to implement our unique digital marketing strategy, tailored specifically to the needs of Whalen Custom Homes. Our goals were threefold: generate qualified traffic, boost conversion rates, and draw 20-40 leads per month. To achieve those goals, we implemented the following digital marketing strategies:

Website Redesign

Redesigned website by creating targeted content, optimizaed landing pages, prominent calls-to-action, and ongoing conversion optimization.

Maps Optimization

Created brand profiles across a vast network of local search engines, social media platforms, local directory sites and data aggregators optimized with pictures, videos, and unique descriptions.

Content Marketing

Developed a content marketing strategy around strategic keywords that would draw in qualified leads at ideal points in the buyers journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Implementd quality on-page and off-page optimization stategies to ensure the website and online assets are indexed properly by major search engines and rank highly when results are served.

Paid Search

Reach the right people at the right time of the homeowner’s buyer journey by implementing a highly-targeted paid search campaigns using Google Ads.

Social Media

Increased social media engagement to bolster online presence and gain more site-viewers that were converted to potential leads.

Website Redesign


Conversion Rate
Increase in Organic Traffic
Leads Per Month
Qualified Sales Leads

Thomas Peroutka really took the time to understand our core business objectives, created high-impact marketing strategies that aligned with those objectives, and has been delivering conversion-based results on a monthly basis. We've seen our business grown significantly over the past few years!

Mike Whalen, PresidentWhalen Custom Homes