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Between the unprecedented candidates, all of the looming controversy, and endless scandals, this presidential race is unlike any we’ve seen in the history of the United States and emotions are running high. While voters are taking to social media to express their support (and anger), the candidates are putting on their digital market hats, relying heavily on social media, paid search advertising, and other digital strategies to engage this audience and get ahead in the race.

Tony Robbins and David Meerman Scott were so impressed, they had to sit down and chat about this historic shift:

Online marketing has played a major role in this year’s presidential election. But who’s doing it better? Content marketing and social media marketing firm AudienceBloom looked at the numbers and analyzed comments and sentiment to paint a picture of each candidates’ online marketing performance.

It’s clear that Trump has far more followers on social media, as well as media exposure in general. However, he’s a more polarizing figure than Clinton, according to our sentiment analysis. When it comes to advertising, Clinton’s campaign is far outpacing Trump’s campaign.

So, who’s winning, overall? The edge goes to Donald Trump. Whether that will translate to enough votes today remains to be seen. Check out the infographic below to see how it all breaks down.

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